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Launchpad platform for launching new tokens and investing into new projects.

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320,000 Active community audience
20,000 Active investors
IRT Infinity Rocket Token

Launch new tokens on our platform

We’ll carry out complex support including tokenomics, smart-contract creation, listing on DEX, marketing matters and promotion.

We accept applications for new projects.

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Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform Beta-Test

Infinity Rocket Airdrop to the grand opening of the Launchpad Platform and beta-test

Project type
Final distribution: 2022-09-19 08:00:00 (UTC)
Distribution pool 1,000,000 IRT
Tokens to receive 2500 IRT
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Launch new tokens on our platform

The launchpad is set for token launching and promotion as well as investments attraction in new projects. Infinity Rocket provides launching complex support including strategy and IT goals development of a new project, token listing on the exchanges and investors attraction.

We can ensure a solid start for your blockchain product. You can trust us to formulate the main idea, create a development plan and launch a project from scratch. The Infinity Rocket Launchpad uses proven tools for tokenization and promotion. It allows you to focus on your company’s main activity while the Infinity Rocket is taking on the tokenized crypto-asset establishment.

Have you ever thought of your own token creation? Then let’s discuss it!

Why people choose us


Infinity Rocket team provides a complex support for new projects launching: IT and web development, marketing and promotion.


We possess a pool of active investors. All the new launchpad platform projects are taken forward actively within the crypto community.


We carry out all the necessary stages: smart-contract creation and its audits, tokenomics, listing on the exchanges, promotion and investments attraction.


IRT is an Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform token with the capitalization over 2M USD. IRT token is traded successfully on the crypto exchanges.