Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform Beta-Test

Infinity Rocket Airdrop to the grand opening of the Launchpad Platform and beta-test

Project type
Final distribution: 2022-09-19 08:00:00 (UTC)

Token info

Distribution pool 1,000,000 IRT
Tokens to receive 2,500 IRT

Project duration

  1. Project start 2022-09-12
  2. First check 2022-09-12
  3. Last check 2022-09-18
  4. Final token distribution 2022-09-19

Project description

Infinity Rocket is the multi-purpose platform that allows users to simplify the launch and promotion of any projects on the blockchain. Once connected to Infinity Rocket Platform, users will get a unique data asset, which enables real value creation through user generated events, lead captures, marketing promotions and much more. The platform will be providing promotional services for token launch.

There are several IT and marketing services provided by Infinity Rocket, including providing a simple start in cryptoverse with project idea and management service; branding the projects with logo, style and website designs; providing access to a set of instructions for ensuring the security and privacy of the project; launching Token for any purpose; providing Wallet Listing at wallets like SafePal and Trust Wallet; working with completely anonymous clients; and much more.
The team of Infinity Rocket has specialists from different spheres: IT, marketing, SEO, consulting, etc. With an international team including 12 highly competent specialists in business and science, Infinity Rocket aims to support fundamental projects that enter the cryptocurrency world with the professional, fitted, and elastic marketing approach.

About IRT Token:

Infinity Rocket Token (IRT) is the central part of Infinity Rocket Ecosystems. Based on BEP-20, IRT has a total supply of 200 million (i.e. 200,000,000) tokens, of which 50% will be burnt. Моre about token distribution

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